A single Romania – Amnesty/pardon study


At the beginning of December 2018, Geeks for Democracy ordered a study on amnesty/pardon as well as the more general problematic of justice and fight against corruption in Romania.

The study was done between the 4th and 11th of December by ISSPOL, through the CATI method, on a nationally representative sample of 1064 people, with a margin of error of 3%.

The study shows that in regards to amnesty/pardon, but also corruption, there is but one Romania:

91% of Romanians oppose pardoning felons sentenced for corruption and amnesty for acts of corruption;
– 87% of Romanians that voted PSD/ALDE/UDMR at the 2016 parliamentary election oppose amnesty and pardon;
– 63% of Romanians consider that the punishment for corruption is too soft;
– 73% of Romanians consider that their lives are affected by corruption in high and very high proportion
– 80% of Romanians consider that the fight against corruption is important for them
– 91% of Romanians wish to remain in the European Union


Given the clarity of where the people stand in regards to the subject of amnesty/pardon and the fight against corruption, the civic organizations, active in the street protests that followed the enactment of OUG 13, along with the proposals for modifying the justice laws and criminal codes,

  1. Ask the President of Romania to promptly issue the decree for organizing a national referendum for all Romanians to express their will in regards to relaxing or tightening the legislation in criminal matters. We kindly remind the President that the procedure for triggering this referendum was already started in January 2017, having the Parliament approve it in February 2017;
  2. Ask for the Government and parliamentary majority to immediately and unconditionally stop any and all procedures of lawmaking regarding the modifications on the criminal codes, including all initiatives of amnesty and pardoning.

Ask all political and institutional decision makers (President Klaus Iohannis, Prime-minister Viorica Dancila, Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader, ombudsman Victor Ciorbea and the political leaders of parliamentary groups of the Chamber of Deputies, Vasile-Daniel Suciu – PSD, Raluca Turcan – PNL, Dan Barna – USR, Korodi Attila – UDMR, Varujan Vosganian – ALDE, Eugen Tomac – PMP, Varujan Pambuccian – Minorities and Victor-Viorel Ponta – Unaffiliated) a series of meetings until the 24th of December 2018, at the latest, to discuss the need for continuing the fight against corruption, of respecting the independence of justice and rule of law in Romania.

A single Romania Synopsis Political study- perceptions concerning the amnesty and pardon issue

Political Study -perceptions concerning the issue of Ammnesty and or Pardon(FULL)

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