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When & what?

  • December 2016
  • NGOs/informal groups coalition
  • Recruiting, training & support of the electoral observers
  • Partners: Funky Citizens, ExpertForum, Observator Electoral, Code4Romania, CENTRAS, Center for the Study of Democracy, Center for Civic Resources, Initiativa Romania, TechSoup).
  • Supported by some of the well-known Romanian public figures and business leaders.
  • Preparing now for 2019-2020 period (4 rounds of elections)


  • over 1500 observers in the December 2016 parliamentary elections
  • about 4 times more than in the previous elections

  • Funded in April 2017
  • Crowdsourced community fund financing small civic projects that can’t be funded by other means (institutional funds, CSR, donations).
  • +300 recurring donors
  • 900 one-time donors.
  • 75K dollars in raised contributions and 13 projects already funded.
  • The third financing round of funding currently in progress

More info about FpD

#Rezist badges (february 2017)

  • Crowdfunded
  • 12+K EUR in 2 days
  • about 50K badges
  • became one of the symbols of our civic movement

Other Projects

An online manifesto against using the untruthful rhetoric regarding the origin of the problems in Romania

Miting cu Japca  – Reporting the local authorities abuses to “convince” the people to participate at a pro-government meeting / over 3 million visitors reached on-site or in social media

Thank you protest

Protest that supported the petition of the magistrates against the diminishing of the justice independence, November 2017

Killing the justice makes us blind & Romania is dying

Creative Protests – 1st of December (National Day)

Mocirla (TheMud) is a news agregator focused on all the negative aspects of the 2016-2020 period, gathering news articled regarding illegal, imoral or abusive news, facts or informations from the politicians, media outlets or state representatives.


BaniiNostri (OurMoney) Web-based project that searched the SEAP (the platform that shows all the public funded auctions), in order to find illegal or dubious contracts signed by state representatives.

Results: national media coverage of various “weird” auctions (Gendarmeriy’s Abuses) gatheres facts & stories from the victimes of the 10 August protesters that were brutally attacked by the national gendarmery’s forces.

Results: Most of the stories were published online, some of the reclamants were helped to issue criminal complains, with the help of volunteer-lawyers.

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